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Our Philosophy

At Applied Genius, we specialize in creating custom solutions for all your web-based needs. Your company is unique, so why would you settle for generic, one-size-fits-all web solutions? A one-size-fits-all approach simply cannot give the results you need. If you use the same solutions as the crowd, you're bound to blend in with them. That’s why we provide specialized solutions for your unique business needs. We understand the importance of standing out. We listen to you, understand where you want to go, then craft a cutting-edge strategy to take you there. And our service doesn’t end there. We continue to work hand in hand with your company to respond to your evolving business environment and needs.

In today’s digital world, a web presence is vital to every business. But not just any web presence will do. You need the right web solutions for your specific business and your specific target customer. That is what Applied Genius is here to provide. Our professionals, using our unique Millennium Marketing techniques, will create the right web presence that will bring in the right customers for your business.

Applied Genius will provide you with the best customer service in the industry. How can we say that? All of our professionals are local, and all of our work is done in-house. We never outsource, and we never offshore. The person you speak to on the phone or email is the person responsible for your work. At Applied Genius, you get personal service: as one of our clients you will never speak to a call center.

We offer a 24/7 ticket system, so you can get in contact with us on your schedule, when you need it.

Persistent Care

Once your website is built, and your web marketing strategy developed, who will monitor your social media presence? Who will maintain your website so that it stays on message, and responds to the ever-changing needs of the moment? We will. Our Content Managers will maintain and monitor the social media you need to communicate with your clients  effectively. We will do what we do best, so you can concentrate on what you do best—your business.

Today, social media is everywhere. Ever larger numbers of people are getting their news from social media services such as Twitter and Facebook. This makes social media a great way to keep in touch with your customers and develop new customers. It is important to put your business in front of these potential customers. But who has time to create social media content and monitor your social media presence? You have a business to concentrate on. Let us take care  of your social media presence. We are experts in getting your message out to the valuable customers you need.

Partners and Technology

Be it a multi-page basic HTML5 website, or a fully featured custom CMS, our web developers are ready to solidify your web presence and utilize all technology available to maximize your business potential.  Google.  Paypal.  Joomla.  Wordpress. All facets of internet technology are now at your disposal.

At Applied Genius, our focus is on creating custom solutions for your web design and marketing needs. We know that each company has individual needs. Our solutions are individually tailored to meet those specific needs. We provide expert web design, web marketing, E-commerce, graphic design, web presence and web hosting services to meet the needs of your 21st century business.